Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Day of Miracles

The miraculous change- a little bit of Sun and blue sky and the life is different. No matter how badly I feel, the good weather always makes it easier to take what comes. I'm probably addicted to SUN. Luckily lately I can't groan about anything and today's brightness only made me feel better than I already did.
Near my office, on the way to the post office, there's a block of flats where live refugees from Chechnya. They came from the country of constant war and terror. Many of them lost the whole families, witnessed horrible atrocities. With all they could take they came to Poland, as our goverment offered them help. Their children go to school with polish children, learning language and continuing the education. Adults (usually only women as their husbands were killed during the war) try to find work and fit into new society. Very often I see the whole bunch of children playing on the near playground, caring mother's taking care for their little ones. Women always wear skirts and colourful, flowerish scarfs on their heads.
I saw one of them today. She was sitting on the swing with a small kid on her laps. It was sunny and calm all around. Only me strolling on the near pavement. I felt the profound peace of that scene. The small, untouchable universe. The warm, unbreakable connection of mother and her child. Miracle.

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