Thursday, July 09, 2009

Bruno Pelletier

Bruno Pelletier is a kind of this year's discovery for me. This Canadian may be known to some english speaking listeners, however in Poland he is probably less than known. When I tried to buy his new CD I couldn't find in anywhere, so probably I'll have to search on e-bay. Nonetheless it's really worth to listen to his excellent voice, not forgetting his really good looks :)

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Nature's Duality

I haven't felt it for quite a long, more than a year actually. It strucked me few days ago, after the amazing Matt Dusk live concert I watched. It always does after I've felt great excitement- the longin for something unreachable dawns on me. It takes me few days to recover.
But there were times it lasted for weeks, making me miserable, but yet in a way also feeling sweet and dreamy. That was also the time my imagination fixated and creativness bloomed. The kind of self-destructive energy which found a comfy nest in my soul, like a parasite draining the optimism, but then again giving that sense of the possibilities I have.
That's the nature I have- on one side I cherish the moment I live (as I deeply feel that this life is all I have and I have to grasp it with my both hands), on the other- I long for the alluring things I can't even name, which I feel are getting away when I live the life I live. Stuck between the impossible and the present it requires from me a lot of time and self -improvement to hold the balance, sanity and harmony in my life.

Friday, June 26, 2009

The King is dead - Long live the King

I'm thinking hard on how to start this post as every beginning that comes to my mind seems a cliché. It's always that way when You're dealing with something great. One feels speechless and overwhelmed when it comes to embracing it. That's why one can only focus on a small part of it, on one's own experience, on one's emotions. An no doubt Michael Jackson has been, is and will always be great. And it's really chalenging to write something that is not banal. To escape it, I will just drop few lines. The rest will stay deep inside me.
I remember listening to Michael Jackson's music back in my early school years. It was a frenzy hearing such music from pirate tapes (I come from Poland and those where the first years of capitalism after the cummunist era), looking at Michael's faces staring from the posters on my wall and watching his great videoclips. All my first musical infatuations came along with the platonic love for the idol. He was sooo handsome, so talented, the hell of a dancer ... . But when I started to mature, leaving those childlish obsession behind, the true value of that fascinanting music came into light. Countless times it made me shiver in excitement, gave me pure pleasure of listening to those genuinly mesmerizing tunes. Michael Jackson was a great artist and his work will be recognizable for ages.
Apart from his artistic creation, he was an exeptional, oversensitive man, who was definately overwhelmed by the life he was living. A controversial person who was accused of many things, but also given a boundless love. The mystery man, who lived the life in camera flashes, but has never revealed himself totally. Whatever is Your attitude towards Michael Jackson - the man, Micheal Jackson - the artist- will undeniably always be special and unique.
Rest In Peace My King.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


The New Thing to Remember:
Contemplate the daily routine
It may sound hard to do, but once You switch to it, it gives the whole new meaning to the ordinary stuff that goes around. Try to do things precisely, with no hurry, focusing on one thing in time. Practising it gave me the balance and harmony, and that was exactly what I needed for the spring coming. It keeps my mind clear from anger and rush, making life easier to grasp. Go ahead and try. You won't regret it.