Saturday, August 25, 2007


What's the best way to start lazy Saturday morning?
1. Wake up
2. Make Yourself a cup of latte
3. Eat light breakfast (mozarella with tomatoes will be just fine)
4. Turn on Your best radio station and enjoy the music they play.

As for me the best time is 11 o'clock when in my radio they play mexican music. I turn it on loud and there's no possibility that that music will fail. I don't speak spanish, but thanks to the Wojciech Cejrowski, who is the host of the programme, I know what they sing about, though the energy and passion of the music would do just fine even without knowing the words. Whether it's sunny, stifling morning or gloomy, rainy one, I quarantee that latin music will wake You up to Your best.

Friday, August 24, 2007

I simply can't do

Oh, I'm mad with myself. Mad that I neglect writing here. Every thought that comes my mind evaporates before I manage to get down to my computer or at least my notebook. It's frustrating. I even think of making a resolution to write every day, to put down the thoughts crowding here and there in my blonde mind, but I hate when something goes not the way I want it, so I think I better leave the things the way they are.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Pitiful Me

I wanted to see that sunrise again
Feel Your fingers fiddling with my hair,
The thrill of excitement.
I missed the sunrise.
The morning breeze messed my hair.
Nothing comes back.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Julian Beever

Julian Beever is a really amazing street artist. Check him out!




Sunday, August 12, 2007

False Memory

During the Second World War Nazis stole over 500.000 priceless works of art from Polish museums, private homes and collections. Paintings, sculpture, art of all genres and periods, from ancient to modern- many of them are lost forever, many are in hands of German museums and private collectors.

In the end of the war in fear of bombing, Nazis packed treasures from Berlin National Library of Prussian Cultural Heritage into 505 wooden boxes and hid them in the South Poland in the Monastery in Krzeszów. After the war, almost all boxes were found by polish authorities and taken to Cracow. The treasures were stated as deserted by invadors and therefore where in time they were counted into the collection of National Library - Biblioteka Jagiellońska.
The same situation was with the collection of airplanes from Deutsche Luftfahrt Sammlung created in the 30s by Hermann Göring (if someone doesn't know he was a commander of the Luftwaffe, tried for war crimes and crimes against humanity at the Nuremberg Trials in 1945-1946 and sentenced to death by hanging). In the autumn of 1943, after the heavy bombing of Berlin, the part of best preserved airplanes were hidden in Kuźnica Czarnkowska in Poland, where they where found in 1963 and were counted into the collection of the new Polish Museum of Aircraft in Cracow.
And what happens now, in 2007? Germans accuse Poland of "stealing" aformentioned treasures and want them back. Can You imagine? Because it's far beyond my reasonable thinking. Invadors accusing the invaded for looting artworks, which the invadors hid in the occupied country.What a nerve!!! And I have to mention, that Germany never paid for all the artworks stolen and destroyed by them in Poland.
And it has to be mentioned than stealing artworks from Poland was afore planned. In 1941 Germany published, in only few pieces, the cataloque of the most precious artworks from Polish collections, which were to be counted into the planned by Hitler museum in Linz. Those were the treausres which each museum in the world could only dream of. From that cataloque Poland managed to retrive only around 40%, among them Lady with an Ermine by Leonardo da Vinci and works of Rembrandt. The fate of many of them is still unknown.

.Nazis stealing the treasures from the Polish Zachęta Museum

Friday, August 10, 2007

Musing on Outlaw

I love english movies. The comedies are so down-to-earth, so bitter- sweet- they talk of real life. They show ordinary people, struggling with everyday problems. So is with their drama movies. I've just seen "Outlaw" by Nick Love.
No american commercial movie can show what european movie does. I'm in sheer horror, beacuse violence showed in the movie can really happen to everyone walking on the street. Just few hours ago, when I went outside to put the trash into dustbin, I got scared by the man, who suddenly appeared in front of me, simply out of nowhere, walking fast, with anxious moves. It made my heart beat faster, muscles tensed- just for 2 seconds maybe. The man passed me by and I rushed to the doors trying to hear what's going on beside my back. I'm not particularly scared of my town. Never nothing bad happened to me. But I quess that's only my false impression, which slowly makes my instict sleepy. And that can be dangerous.
"Outlaw" shows violence, shows people who stood up against it and got sucked into the vicious circle that violence gets people into. Should we fight criminals their way, when legal defence is not enough? Where does it lead us? But isn't it justified to come back to the "eye for an eye" rule? So hard to speak on that issue, no answer is good enough. And that what makes it so terrifying- living in the world ruled by national codes and international rights, so neat, so polished, so faked, we fail in the eyes of the unexpected. And that reminds me of the thing I'm scared the most- becoming a victim of senseless, mean act of violence. The one You can't understand, can't explain, can't predict and can't prevent.
I'm afraid of Helplessness...

Rejoice- Friday evening

Ahhh, the hasty day at work is over. I'm at home, took a long, cool shower and chill out laying naked on the bed. I have a free weekend so I'm planning nice evenings with my Man. At last a moment of peace in my life. And I'm gonna enjoy it and drink till the last drop and I'm gonna love it. Cook something delicious, buy couple of bottles of good wine, watch some movies and read. Wishing You the same on that hot, summer, friday evening.


There are days when out of nowhere I'm angry with everything that comes my way. I'm rude, picky and nervous about every small shit that happens not the way I want it. And today is the day!
All office appliances don't work fast enough, business matters I'm responsible for fail, coffee spills all over the officce floor...
And there's nothing I can do about it- You have to live with it!

Monday, August 06, 2007

I don't watch TV lately ... well lately meaning about two years. Only morning I turn it on to see or rather hear the news channel while I prepare breakfast and get ready to whatever will happen that particular day. But there are maybe two series I can't miss- one of them is certainly is "Inside the Actor's Studio" conducted by James Lipton.
In short, actor's invited there speak of their life and artistic experience, of the way they work on their characters, of their emotions and what drives them to be an actor. The interviewers are usually Hollywood stars, but that's the magic of that series- it doesn't depict them as fancy, glamorous celebrities, but as true actors pursuing the truth in their work, the essence of acting. Not all interviews are good, not all of the actors should be the best example, but many of them truly are. One of them is certainly Angelina Jolie, whose touching and very honest interview You can see following this link.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Si-fi crap?

No time for myself... or maybe no inspiration due to the massive amount of things on my head. That's I quess the reason I can't find the motivation to write. All of my free time I spend reading- this time amazing Sergey Lukyanenko. It' s the first si-fi and fantasy author I'm reading. His "Night watch " and "Day watch" impressed me a lot and changed my attitude towards si-fi novels.
Though I never read one, I had already fixed opinion, that they are boring. And as much as I looove good si-fi movies, that much I resented si-fi novels or maybe rather fantasy novels, which I quess differ. I quess it was because they always brought me on mind manga cartoons or RPG games with thousands of crazy creatures like dwarf and ogrs. Yeah, I love Lord of the Rings, but too much is too much.
And then my friend Daniel told me about Sergey Lukyanenko and borrowed me "Night watch". And I quess that was the best choice to start the journey with si-fi novels. So, if any of You happens to have the same doubts as me- don't hesitate to read Lukyanenko.