Monday, August 06, 2007

I don't watch TV lately ... well lately meaning about two years. Only morning I turn it on to see or rather hear the news channel while I prepare breakfast and get ready to whatever will happen that particular day. But there are maybe two series I can't miss- one of them is certainly is "Inside the Actor's Studio" conducted by James Lipton.
In short, actor's invited there speak of their life and artistic experience, of the way they work on their characters, of their emotions and what drives them to be an actor. The interviewers are usually Hollywood stars, but that's the magic of that series- it doesn't depict them as fancy, glamorous celebrities, but as true actors pursuing the truth in their work, the essence of acting. Not all interviews are good, not all of the actors should be the best example, but many of them truly are. One of them is certainly Angelina Jolie, whose touching and very honest interview You can see following this link.

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