Friday, August 10, 2007

Musing on Outlaw

I love english movies. The comedies are so down-to-earth, so bitter- sweet- they talk of real life. They show ordinary people, struggling with everyday problems. So is with their drama movies. I've just seen "Outlaw" by Nick Love.
No american commercial movie can show what european movie does. I'm in sheer horror, beacuse violence showed in the movie can really happen to everyone walking on the street. Just few hours ago, when I went outside to put the trash into dustbin, I got scared by the man, who suddenly appeared in front of me, simply out of nowhere, walking fast, with anxious moves. It made my heart beat faster, muscles tensed- just for 2 seconds maybe. The man passed me by and I rushed to the doors trying to hear what's going on beside my back. I'm not particularly scared of my town. Never nothing bad happened to me. But I quess that's only my false impression, which slowly makes my instict sleepy. And that can be dangerous.
"Outlaw" shows violence, shows people who stood up against it and got sucked into the vicious circle that violence gets people into. Should we fight criminals their way, when legal defence is not enough? Where does it lead us? But isn't it justified to come back to the "eye for an eye" rule? So hard to speak on that issue, no answer is good enough. And that what makes it so terrifying- living in the world ruled by national codes and international rights, so neat, so polished, so faked, we fail in the eyes of the unexpected. And that reminds me of the thing I'm scared the most- becoming a victim of senseless, mean act of violence. The one You can't understand, can't explain, can't predict and can't prevent.
I'm afraid of Helplessness...

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