Saturday, August 25, 2007


What's the best way to start lazy Saturday morning?
1. Wake up
2. Make Yourself a cup of latte
3. Eat light breakfast (mozarella with tomatoes will be just fine)
4. Turn on Your best radio station and enjoy the music they play.

As for me the best time is 11 o'clock when in my radio they play mexican music. I turn it on loud and there's no possibility that that music will fail. I don't speak spanish, but thanks to the Wojciech Cejrowski, who is the host of the programme, I know what they sing about, though the energy and passion of the music would do just fine even without knowing the words. Whether it's sunny, stifling morning or gloomy, rainy one, I quarantee that latin music will wake You up to Your best.


Kate said...

I absolutely love latin music. I would recommend the Mexican band "Mana" HIGHLY. My favorite.

Ben Heine said...

Ha ha!!
Thanks dear Nika for the tips of advice.

bordo said...

i'll give you my recipe for evenings :
~ running
~ relaxing shower
~ good meal
~ good movie
~ good sleep ;D