Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Fragile Health

Few days ago I happened to visit diabetology ward in one of our city hospitals. Thank God it had nothing to do with my health, but my job, nevertheless though it made me feel depressed. Long, gloomy, filthy lounges remebering the 70-ties, overwhelming silence. I wouldn't like to work there nor be there under any circumstances ever! It made me instantly imagine myself dying alone on squeaking hospital bed, surrounded by the mournful silence of those sad, hostile rooms. And that made dying even more frightening than it already is.
One good thing- in the waiting room where I spend few minutes, I got to know about diabetes. And I tell You, if You don't take proper care, it can get really, I mean really messy.
On the back in the days yellow walls, information boards with medical companies ads, not even trying to be discreet. Yeah, ill people are the hell of a market. They will pay whatever money for whatever medicine giving even the slightest chance for the cure. That's called basic instinct- staying alive with whatever means it takes.
Speaking of the devil, I'm on antibiotics therapy now. Having so many singing jobs obliges me to be healthy. I can't fail- noone of my band can. So even the slightest pain in my throat, even the quietest sneeze or a drop from my nose makes my alarm RING. No time for waiting to see what will come out of it. I go straight to my doctor for the imidiate cure- no matter the cost.


Kate said...

Have hospitals changed much in Poland since the 90s?

Nika said...

Hi Kate!
I'm sure they have. We entered new political regime, the medical care is much more funded. However some of the hospitals still I quess look the same as the one I described.

I'm glad none of my family must be there. But don't fool ourselves. No one would like to be treated in the hospital- Even in the greatest in the world.

Thanks again Kate for stopping by.