Thursday, September 20, 2007

Traveler's Soul

Do You happen to know who Ian Wright or Megan McCormick are? Anyone?
Probably You don't, unless You watch Travel Channel or Discovery Channel Adventure. They are both travelers, hosting their own travel programmes in the series Globe Trekker. Why do I mention them?
Firstly,because if I have more than a one free day (which is now, as I suffer from acute laryngitis), I love to indulge in watching travelling programmes. Yeah, the soul of the adventurer wakes up in my troubled existance, and with the click on the remote control, I can find myself anywhere I want. It's cheap, it's fascinating and of course ... it's lame, as it has nothing, I mean nothing to do with the adventure and travel. But, it's the first step to the real travelling and excitement, as there has to be a dream and desire for something to happen. And what's better way to make it burn, than firstly seeing those places and people on the Tv? It works for me, 'cause I'm a really curious person, always wanting to try everything on my own skin. Those programmes definately make my imagination work. And although I'm not a chronic traveler, my inner curiosty of the world made me travel to couple of places and countries I dreamed of. And you know what- I loved it.
Coming back to travelers, both Ian and Megan, are great hosts, which makes a real pleasure and fun discovering the world with them. What makes a traveler a good host? It's great sense of humour, curiosity, being open towards other people, but sometimes also being courages and ready for sacrifice and really crazy things that may happen- for instance hunting for anacondas. As for me, such host also has to be an erudite, but in both witty and comprehensible way. Such are Globe trekker presenters, which makes it one of the best travellers' quides programmes I've ever seen.

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