Thursday, August 02, 2007

Si-fi crap?

No time for myself... or maybe no inspiration due to the massive amount of things on my head. That's I quess the reason I can't find the motivation to write. All of my free time I spend reading- this time amazing Sergey Lukyanenko. It' s the first si-fi and fantasy author I'm reading. His "Night watch " and "Day watch" impressed me a lot and changed my attitude towards si-fi novels.
Though I never read one, I had already fixed opinion, that they are boring. And as much as I looove good si-fi movies, that much I resented si-fi novels or maybe rather fantasy novels, which I quess differ. I quess it was because they always brought me on mind manga cartoons or RPG games with thousands of crazy creatures like dwarf and ogrs. Yeah, I love Lord of the Rings, but too much is too much.
And then my friend Daniel told me about Sergey Lukyanenko and borrowed me "Night watch". And I quess that was the best choice to start the journey with si-fi novels. So, if any of You happens to have the same doubts as me- don't hesitate to read Lukyanenko.

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