Thursday, March 15, 2007

Is it the time?

I got to know yesterday that one of my friend is very ill and the doctors give her approximately 2 years of life. It struck me like hell! Can You imagine Yourself being told You have only couple of years to live?
I've been thinking about it yesterday evening and asked myself a question: what would I miss or regret? The first answer was, to my utter surprise, having a baby.
Is it the time, then?
Today I saw the pack of three homeless dogs, which were behaving like decent citizens. They waited for the lights to change to green, and only then they passed the street. Can You imagine?


Aaron A. said...

Here in Midwestern USA,
People don't even wait at the stop lights.

I think they are wishing an end to the rampant conservatism.

GraemeAnfinson said...

Sorry to hear about your friend