Friday, October 31, 2008

My Son- Dominik

I'm proud to announce that two months ago, on 1st of September, my baby has been born to this world. We've been waiting for him for 9 long months, and when He finally entered to our live we have instantly fallen in love with Him.
Having a child is an ongoing adventure. Every day brings new happiness. His smiles and "talking" make me cry with happy tears. It's love impossible to describe, a totally different shade of that feeling. I can't imagine the life without him now. And here's my boy:


Ben Heine said...

Aww, Nika,
He is so cuuute!
What's his name?
I hope you're well and happy

Nika said...

His name is Dominik. Almost like me. Well, what can I say- he's mummy's son.