Monday, February 19, 2007

India Arie

When You're walking to work on such gloomy Tuesday morning, people in their cars rushing without reason, and there's India Arie in Your ears, loud enough to cut You off from the all- around- noise, then there's nothing else You can do.
You simply have to let the music flow and take you to those magical places.
The lyrics give you power for the whole day. "Private party", "There's hope" (from the album Testimony: Vol. 1, Life & Relationship) - notes and tunes of positivity to celebrate Yourself and cherish all You have.
And You know, it's a great and important thing to know how to live the life You have.
I bet india knows it better than many of us.
Go ahead and Enjoy! It's really worth it!
(few quotes from India Arie amazing album)
All my life
I've been looking for
Somebody else
To make me whole
But I had to learn the hard way
True love began with me
This is not ego or vanity
I'm just celebrating me
Back when I had a little
I thought that I needed a lot
A little was over rated,
but a lot was a little too complicated
You see-Zero didn't satisfy me
A million didn't make me happy
That's when I learned a lesson
That it's all about your perception

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