Thursday, November 29, 2007

Creativity? Forget it!

It's been long since I was here last time! Sorry! I've been struggling with my throat illness but mostly I still struggle with the lack of inspiration. No time to wonder and wander. I spent my free time rearranging my house, cleaning piles of dust and dirt in the corners of my rooms what leaves just few seconds to read or watch something. I feel my creativity is at the level zero. Hope it will get better. I simply have to push myself and motivate somehow. Any advice?? Anyone??


bordo said...

hey :}

lately i was on hungarian short film festival, very inspiring

markets with old stuff are great too to walk and look around:>

and for me biggest and fastest source of inspiration are sites linked on my blog, fecalface and woostercollective are the greatest.

ofcourse for everything time is needed :P

Nika said...

Thank You Bordo!

I'll be looking for my inspiration. Hope to find it soon.

Gosh, it's high time we met. As far as I remeber we haven't talked for quite a long time.

Ben Heine said...

Dominika, I hope you're better now.
Happy New year! All the best to you and yours!
What's up with you???

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Anonymous said...

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