Thursday, May 08, 2008

Hello again!

Hello everybody! I haven't written and even checked on my blog for almost 5 months, but I see today that many of You are still dropping by. And that's the hell of an inspiration for me.
First of all, few words to explain myself why I haven't written for so long. Well, I've started writing blog in my national language and I didn't want to repeat myself. But now I think it doesn't have to be this way, or at least I'll try :). Many important things happened to me during those months of silence, but the most serious and the happiest, but also most surprising is definately pregnancy. That's the reason for the joy but also anxiety and great responsibility that fell upon me and my husband. Our now 23 weeks old Baby is growing in my womb, kicking from time to time, letting me know It really exists. That's the little miracle that's happening to me every minute of my life now, changing what I thought was uncheangable, creating what I thought could never exist, making me feel emotions I could never predict would be a part of me. The life is a continous adventure- now more exciting than ever. I hope I'll have opportunity to share it with You.

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Ben Heine said...

dear Nika,
I really missed you,
so you are pregnant?
Now I understand your absence...
Fantastic news, I hope you'll have the chance to share the evolution and growth with "us".
Warm regards to you and Leszek.