Monday, May 12, 2008

A girl or a boy?

Friends call me a feminist. And I surely take myself for one. Limiting women's right in any part of life makes me furious. We are equal to men. We are as strong and as smart as men are. Centuries of male domination are over. Thanks to many bold women who started the change, we finally gain the respect we deserve. Therefore I can't agree with stereotypes that I sometimes hear from women.
Example: Few days ago I met a friend whom I haven't seen since I got pregnant. As she is a mother of one year old boy we talked a lot about the pregnancy and birth, as any advice and help I can get now is very valuable to me, especially from friends who have recently experienced what I go through now. Inevitably we also talked about the gender of the child, which is still unknown to me. So of course she asked what were my preferences. What could I say? I've always dreamed of a girl, but the moment I got pregnant the most important thing is that the child I'm bearing is healthy. Nothing more, nothing less. And there she comes with something like this : "I tell You, the boy is 100% better. At least he won't bring home a child". Come on! How can an educated woman say such rubbish? And even if that was supposed to be a joke, it wasn't funny to me at all. Saying such things degrade women and is appalling. Why do we have to demean ourselves this way, not appreciating the effort of years of ingenuine struggle of women to come to the place we are now?

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