Sunday, November 26, 2006


Still crying, still touched...
John Travolta is perfect in "Phenomenon" ... Just a man You want to hold in Your arms and delight. And that truth about people- fearing of what they can't understand, of what they don't want to know ... people who can't grasp the point ... and that makes their lifes pointless ... just a dust in the universe.
We can be what we want- it's a matter of focus, it's a matter of soul. We can reach high and still be truthful inside... We aren't able to know it all, but we must keep are eyes openwide ... so the point of it all doesn't blur, so we keep together as it's all we have. "Everything is connected"... everything is one organism. If we could all just get it, we could have peace and understanding, as the existance is something a living creature can't deny and can't fight. Fighting it is against the "life's" logic and denying its logic means being non-existent.
Just few scrambled thoughts after watching the "Phenomenon"- the tears are still falling down. Why the hell do I always cry during movies?

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