Friday, November 03, 2006

Novbember Freeze

Location: the seat by the bus window
Time: early evening, heading to the rehersal
Weather: freezing November

First time this year I wear a hat, winter coat and a scarf. The gloves are killing me- it's awkward to hold a pen while going by bus- and sometimes a thought comes to my mind and I NEED to jot it down. Friday evening, when it gets cold, brings peaceful emptiness to the streets. People's breaths blur the air. Looks as if they are breathing in and out their souls.
The bus stops. At the bus stop a young couple tries to embrace each other. There's no way- the stay in a half- cuddle- the coats are too large.
Half- hold, Half- cuddle, Half- life
We're slowing to the rythm of nature.
A short thought comes to my mind.
Nature strips
People preen
Then Nature sleeps
And People freeze

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