Sunday, October 07, 2007

27th Birthday

What can be better than Birthday on lazy Sunday day?
The birthday cake is still in the oven, filling the house with marvellous smell,
the radio playing smooth jazzy songs and blues.
And it doesn't matter that it's gloomy outside,
beacuse the warmth of my home wraps me all around.
Home, sweet home on my Birthday.
My love ones on my Birthday.
Happiness is a small thing, right here in my heart.
And that's how it was on my 1st Birthday


Ben Heine said...

Happy birthday again, Nika!
So cute on those pics!
Have fun.

Graeme said...

Happy b-day! I turn 27 not too long (Dec. 2). I feel old!!! I hope you don't.

Nika said...

Oh Greame, thank You very much!
You know, I firstly thought that I was old, but now I really cherish my age, because I am constantly growing up emotionally. I discover more and understand much more. I actually think that I haven't had such great time in my life, as I have now. Great relationship, good job, my own band to sing and do music. Creating ones own life is a tremendous adventure, and I can only hope it will last long.