Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Thanks Ben

Hi everybody! Let me introduce myself in picture this time. So, here I am!
That wonderful cartoon of me and my husband was made by a great artist Ben Heine,
whose talent and creativity are simply infinite.

See Ben, how happy You made me!


I'll consider Your gift as a birthday present.
I'm turning 27 on the 7th of October.


Ben Heine said...

Dear Dominika,
I'm very happy that you like these portraits. You're a talented person who sees the world in a poetic way. Keep informing us about your life, ideas and passions with your great posts ! Warmly

Ben Heine said...

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, a bit in advance!

Kate said...

WHat a fun birthday present!

thepoetryman said...

Love the blog and happy early birthday!

Your header is beautiful.

Ben, my friend and colleague, your talent is truly eternal... It will certainly survive the test of time.

bordo said...

best wishes ;}

Ben Heine said...

Thanks Mark, my most poetic partner!