Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Nora and James

What a beautiful movie- "Nora" by Pat Murphy. The story of the life long relationship between Nora Barnacle and James Joyce. The hard love, full of great passion, but also pain of misunderstanding and sacrifice. Nora was Joyce's muse and inspiration. Their unconventional relation resulted also in controversial letters sent to each other, full of intimate and erotic parts, which unfortunately were never published by Joyce's relatives.
Back to the movie, James Joyce by Ewan McGregor was in my opinion one of this actor's finest performance.
The movie reminded me of John Huston's marvellous film- "The Dead", based on the last novel in "Dubliners" by James Joyce. The incredible atmosphere and the care for every detail, makes the movie a masterpiece. It was so influential, that after watching it I couldn't help, but read "Dubliners". That's when I discovered Joyce's genious prose


Wal said...

Well, seems like i will have to watch it. But since i've started my PhD i can't find enough time to do something that is not connected with science. Maybe except visiting Greece. Nika, i didn't expect you are so prolific ! Three blogs ... good job !

Nika said...

Well, thank You very much. It's pleasure welcoming you here, and I hope You'll be visiting very often :) I like the new template of your blog very much. Keep updating- I'll be watching :)

Take care