Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fragile Suicider

I'm helplessly shocked, I'm appalled and terrified!
I'm sorry and sad about what I heard yesterday!
A modest, shy, beautiful 14 years old girl commited suicide,
by hanging herself on the skipping rope.
On the skipping rope which should only be a toy of cheerful,
giggling small girls.
A day before her death, during the lesson at school, the teacher left the classroom. Then few boys forced the girl to take of her pants, they started touching her and pretending the rape. Oh, they were having fun- humiliating and embarrassing the poor, helpless girl. One of them made 20 minute film registered by digital camera in the cellphone. No one reacted- not even one child. They were afraid, as the boys were known for juvenile hooliganism. When the teacher entered the room and noticed something was wrong, all she got to know was, that boys were just picking on the girl.
The sensitive child simply couldn't cope with the shame, it was a tragedy for her. Her world must have totally crashed, the disgrace she felt pushed her to do such a horrific thing. I assume she was a rather introvert person, keeping her feelings to herself, unable to strongly disagree to the unjustice happening to her. But that's not a bad thing to be oversensitive. Such people feel more and deeper, such people become artists and bring the beauty to the world. Such people ... . But unfortunately, not this one anymore... Those fucking immature suckers, who wanted just "to have fun", broke the innocence, trashed it with their dirty hands, stained it with coarse language!
Her parents told the press they don't blame those boys and their parents for their daughter's death. WHY THE HELL NOT???? I can't make anything out of it. Who is responsible then? Maybe only partly, but someone crashed the balance of her life.
And now the sad reality of life- they are underaged so probably their punishment won't even make them blink their eyes.

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