Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Handicapped

Come in handy Handicapped
Show us how to treasure
What we take for granted
Without having a measure
For we can walk
and march for war
For we can speak
but tell all lies
Handicapped we are
Though having all we need
With no compasion- mentally ill
Looking so fine- rotten underneath
(inspired by Bordo)


GraemeAnfinson said...

They are all good. I like the "autumn leaves striptease line" very clever!

Nika said...

Thanks a lot Greame.
You know it's strange, but writing poems wasn't someting I was doing until now. Sometimes few words I feel come to my mind and start to follow each other and make verses. Stranger thing is that it comes a lot easier to write in english, though it's not my native language. And I find it nice that in few words I can sometimes say so much. Then once again thank You for the appreciation.
Warm regards

Ben Heine said...

Hi Nika, it seems that human beings are mutant...

Your recent posts and poems are all nice, well done.

Nika said...

Thanks a lot Ben!
How was the workshop? I'm anxiously waiting for the report from Germany!
A propos the mutants- I'd rahter like we were X-men :)