Friday, October 06, 2006

The Greed

Oh, God's little malice
Forbiding the greed
When it's all people's nature
The craving for life

To grab it and taste it
With their mouths full
They mumble sinning
always yearn for more

Insatiable desire
Never to be fullfilled
But that urge lasts forever
But that is all in vain.

(inspired by Bordo)


Ben Heine said...

Very nice verses.

bordo said...

nice, so now it's time to write about other sins out of 'great' seven. i want more wrrr!! oh how greedy i am ;p

Nika said...

Yesss, sins! Everybody loves them. They make the life worth it all! Why not write about all of them- now Your turn- LAZINESS.

bordo said...

im too lazy to write about it ;D
maybe on weekend i'll move my ass and do everything i've planned a while back.

bordo said...

na kanapie siedzi len
znow oddychal caly dzien
co tam dzien, juz cale zycie
zmeczyl sie niesamowicie
nagle mysli - mam to w dupie!
-respirator sobie kupie!

nie moglem sie powstrzymac przed napoisaniem czegos glupiego :D

Nika said...

I had a great laugh! :))))I love it! Did you come up with this or is it someone else's?

bordo said...

it was a moment, it almost has written it self ;)