Friday, April 20, 2007

The Giver

You know I've already once wrote about this man. It was just after his creation touched me deeply. It was John Travolta. Just a second ago I finished watching "Inside Actors' Studios" interviewing Travolta about his career and acting experience. I don't how he does it, but the inner peace and vitality he has, seems to emanate affecting everybody aroud. I truly revelled in listening to him speaking with such passion and optimism. His career wasn't the whole time the winning streak, but somehow he found the joy and the meaning in his life to get through the hard times. I don't know how much of his behaviour is a self creation and how much in it is from genuine Travolta, but that doesn't matter if only You can find there something enriching and positive for yourself.
And You know, it would be thrilling to have a dance with such a good dancer. In my life I have met only a handful of that breed, but when it happened the night was mine- I danced till the bright morning. Too bad my husband is a terrible dancer, but well, I wouldn't be me if it could stop me from having fun. Believe me, whether he's around or not, I will always find myself a man to indulge in dancing with. And that reminds me I haven't been on the proper disco for months, though home dancing parties I lately had really can make up for it. Dancing is like flirting, no matter whether I do it with a guy or girlfriend. Those sultry glances and moves and touching. Yeah, I definately love dancing ...

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