Friday, April 13, 2007


Do You tend to memorize scents? Of perfumes, people, food, places? Sometimes I suddenly smell something that brings me on mind a certain person or an event from my childhood. Those feelings are so strong, yet so fragile, that they disappear in the moment, but leave the memory still fresh. It may be a smell of the soup from the elementary school diner or the kindergarden bread and honey sandwiches (which I hated). But the most powerful are perfumes, especially men's. They always bring me on mind the guys I know or those I knew. Those who I fell for, those who are my friends.
When walking to work this morning, a man passed me by, and I smelled his strong perfumes mixed with the cool wind. Yeah, it was Him. Long years ago; teenage infatuation. Great, funny guy with dark hair (though blonde man always seem to be more handsome to me) and an amazing smile. Yeah, we laughed a lot. Matching sense of humour is sooo important. So we talked of important and silly things with the same passion. Yeah, so looong time ago.

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Ben Heine said...

Thanks for sharing this story Nika!
I just discovered your other Blog!
Very nice!
Keep up the good work.