Thursday, April 26, 2007

Morning walk

On my walk to work I wandered through a little bit older part of my town, with no flats of blocks but small wooden houses surrounded by tiny yards. Lots of them with well looked- after gardens and trimmed trees. As the spring is soon to show its beauty in all details, the plants are ready to go. Shy tree leaves waiting anxiously to show their vivid green, just anticipating for rain, which will push them out of their brown shells. The grass colour is getting more and more vibrant. Only flowers, the kings of flora, are bold enough to already bloom facing colourful petals towards the warmer and warmer sun. Red tulips, glowing yellow daffodils proudly towering above straightly dug flower beds, brightly illuminating on the yet grey, earthy surrounding.
I indulge in Ryszard Kapuscinski "Lapidarium". Short forms of carefully chosen words bringing sense to each small chapter of his writing. He always said, that to write one page, one have to read at least 100. And so You can notice in his works- not even one insignificant sentence. Chekhov said "Brevity is the sister of talent" and no doubt Kapuscinski was a true one.

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