Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I'm in the "bliss phase" of my life right now. And that means everything makes me happy, my mood nearly close to nirvana, the future is promising and I'm ready for new challenges. My big holidays are waiting for me- lots of places to visit, beauty to see and laughter to share.
Yet in that happiness of mine, there is always a small tint of shade, which I know will grow day after day, to one moment capture me again into the shadow. Up this moment I will sure enjoy that overcoming shivers I get whenever I see or hear something touching. Don't know 'bout You, but India Arie still works for me, especially when listening to her music during my bicycle rides.
And right now sitting on that sweet evening, drinking my latte, having time for my writing and a book, light breeze cooling my body, feeling safe and confident- this is my moment- pleasure of simplicity.


Graeme said...

I am glad you are so happy! We all get caught up in the shadow every now and then, the trick is to know that it will pass.

Nika said...

You're perfectly right Greame. There are more beautiful moments in life then bad. The trick is also to know how to see them and cherish.