Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My Body

How important is it for me to look good? I look in the mirror many times a day, try to keep the proper weight as I know the way I look contributes to the way I feel about myself and the world around me. I like to look good, attractive, sexy- it makes me feel comfortable with myself. I like wearing nice clothes which make my body look good. It gives me a boost in my confidence and mood. I can't deny that the part of accepting myself is accepting my own body, which should be treated like a temple, as it carries our souls and minds through the whole life and is the way to comunicate with people. Do I care for my body too much? Am I being vain? Most will say- hell yeah! But why?
Don't You firstly judge people by their appearance? I do. And it's perfectly natural. And so do all of You, though You may solemnly deny it. After You get to know person's character, only then You can make out what kind of human You deal with. But well, You don't always have such a chance, so the first impression about that person, whether You want it or not, stays in Your head.
How would I react then if my body changed rapidly during and after pregnancy? What would I see in the mirror? Will I have big stretch marks? Will I care for having them? Will it be an issue? And firstly, why do I ask myself those questions, if I don't even think of having children at least for a year.
Well, that is because of The Shape of a Mother - a website, where women post the stories and pictures of their post-pregnancy bodies. It shocked me. It truly did. Why? Because the bodies shown there are usually hidden by long shirts and trousers, never exposed. We're surrounded only by beautiful pregnant bellies of models and actresses, who soon after giving birth amazingly quickly come back to their previous shape. Is something wrong with it? No. It's just very rare, yet for such laymen as myself seems to be a totally normal thing. Well, at least to the moment one of Your friend or yourself get pregnant and see that bodies are different and differently react to the process of "growing". And there I go, another symptom of being a laymen- I talk only of the body whereas pregnency means there is a new life inside, a new human, a miracle of nature that grows in the woman's womb. But would I like my body to change so much? No. Would I give up my good look for my own baby?
... I don't know ...

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