Sunday, June 03, 2007


There are people who are born to do certain things, people who would not be themselves having no chance of fullfilling their destiny. Those are geniuses. People determined to act and to create, people tormented with their constant pursue towards perfection, towards making real the ingenius ideas crowding in their minds.
They are the essence of creation. Having touched the invisible and inaccessible levels of humanity, closing themselves to the higher conciousness, they leave the trace for the ordinary rest to follow, so we can make ourselves better by tasting those crumbles of ultimate beauty left for us behind on their way.


Ben Heine said...
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Ben Heine said...

Dear Dominika,
I love your last posts.
Good to see you continue to update your Blog.
This lay-out is also veru good.

3:56 PM

Nika said...

Thanks Ben a lot!
Such comments make my writing worth something, so please drop by more often.

I'm still not pleased with the layout but I'm working on it.

There are so many things and issues around me now that I find it hard to get any free time just to sit and write about my feelings. Hope I'll get some time during my holidays.

Take care Ben