Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Sometimes Poland seems to me worse than a Third World Country- especially when it comes to matters such as homosexuality and feminism. Luckily most of my friends have an open approach towards those matters so there is a hope, that not all our citizens think the way top politicians do. Nevertheless, I very often find myself discussing and fighting for women rights. I support women organisations fighting for the equal rights for women and men, fighting against patriarchy and abuse. During my studies and work on my master degree diploma I encountered many aspects of abuse towards women and children. My final work about human traffic, its etiology and consequences, clearly shows that those grups are the most vulnerable. If societies don't change their attitude towards women and children's right, no way we can fight against such crimes.
Women, whose voice wasn't heard for hunderds of years, in XX century have finally got the chance to speak- and are using their power to change stereotypes and fight for equality. It turned out that we are as strong, talented and bright as men; we can achive the same goals but we must be given the same opportunities and be treated likewise men.
Luckily for young women these days, partnership in a love relationship has become something normal. We are financially independent, well- educated and that gives us chance to hold on to our own way and let the partner enrich us, not conquer. For me always the example has been my parents' marriage- they are partners. My mom is an independent but a very thoughtful person. She showed me that having a family doesn't mean, that I have to resign from myself, from my own "inner- world", that it's very important to, apart from all duties an adult life puts on me, to have time for oneself. She has always been showing me and my sister opportunities and encouraging us to try them out and be open to chances life brings. I hope that someday I'll be such mother for my children.

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