Thursday, July 27, 2006

An Unexpected Encounter

Location: bus stop
Me: total indifference
Someone Unknown: unexpected

SU: Hey! Oh my goodness- ages, simply ages since we last saw each other!!!

Me: Hmm???

SU: Don't You recognise me? God damn it, all those endless discussions and laughing... and our hidden places... and secret kisses...

Me: ... Wait a second, someting comes to me...

SU: Remember, You were always a detective, I was a villain! Oh, and Paulina- You kicked her ass few times! And you must certainly remember Pawel- the one, who wanted to be a gynecologist and played LEGO with You all the time!

Me: Hey, and that spicy porn magazine we found with girlfriends- what was our surprise- the first penis in our lifes!!! And Adam ... on the swing ... and hideouts in bushes ... playing tricks on old ladies... and everything so new...

I: You see, that was not that long ago ... I'm sorry but I'm in a bit hurry, so take care. Maybe we'll meet again someday.

Me: I don't think so ... but it really was nice to see You again. Bye!

Yesterday I met my Innocence...

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