Monday, July 24, 2006

On the Making of Life

Location: a bus stop
Me: waiting for the bus, relaxed, contemplating the beauty of sunny afternoon
I was sitting on the bench, waiting for a bus to come, from time to time closing my eyes and catching warm sun rays, when suddenly I heard ( or precisely speaking I smelled) that someone approched. It was an old, neglected lady with a hump on her back, wearing torn skirt and extremely dirty blouse. Leaning down she started to sweep the pavement edge, where usually all unwanted scrapes of paper and smoked cigarettes thrown by careless passer-by find their sad destiny. Wondering what the hell she was doing, as she certainly didn't look like a professional road sweeper, two things came to my mind. As I noticed her secretly picking up and hiding cigarette ends, it firstly struck me, what a powerful addiction people get themleves into smoking is. But then, as the look, not taking into account the smell, was tragic, it occured to me, what poor quality her life must be.
I don't believe in christian's, muslim's or whoever's god- I believe that one is the master of one's own fate. How come then this time the life took over control? And I don't mean either her dignity nor morality, but the loss of purpose and meaning of human's most precious gift- the life. When did it start to spin out of her hands? Was it falling in love with a wrong kind of man? Making one compromise too much? Loosing somebody? Having noone to support, help or simply love her?
Each human being has it's own story; is made of different experience, choices, culture and lives in one's own unique universe. But each single one of us has a power of changing reality, is entitled to grasp and form one's fate. Of course some aspects of our lifes aren't within realms of our possibility, but nevertheless more than we think depend on who we are, what is our goal and how much we want to achieve it.
And now I'm going to make a cherry pie ... and I'm highly motivated to succeed and make it delicious! Ha!

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