Thursday, August 17, 2006


For centuries we've been told that human being is nothing without religion- only it makes us different from animals. But now, when religion turns out to be a source of murderous violence, the explanation that christian, muslim or hindu fundamentalists overuse and deform religion, is not enough.
The atheism should be once again brought back to favours as it's the only way to maintain peace. The lesson of modern terrorism shows that if God exists, for people who are acting "in god's will"everything is possible and justified - including killing of thousands of innocent people.
Fundamentalists do (what they feel is) good to fullfill god's will and earn redemption. On contrary, atheists do good beacuse they feel it should be done that way, because either way they would have compunctions.
Those are just few conclusions from the article I recently read by Slavoj Zizek- modern philosopher. Conclusions I fully indetify with.
I choose to be an atheist.


Simon said...

Well chosen!

Atheist-communists were certainly good at dealing out death and misery in the name of their cause, but relion creates extra bigotry we could well do without.

Ben Heine said...

Hello dear Dominika, these thoughts about religion and the legitimacy of human belief are really interesting. Warm thanks.
We are waiting for your new philosophical developments and for more photos of your holidays.

bordo said...