Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Time: Couple of weeks ago, Sunday morning
Location: bus stop
Me: alone, but not lonely
It was very early, around 8 a.m. Having only a backpack ,I was sitting alone, slowly drinking joghurt and feeling total laziness. Suddenly a blue car slowly passed me by. I wouldn't even notice it, but somebody shouted at me. Turning my eyes, I realised the car was packed with teenaged, made-up girls. One of them pulled her head through the window and shouted aloud with anger : "Hey, you stupid whore !!! Wanna fuck with me ? !!!". The rest laughed. It struck me. "What tha fuck?"- I thought, but I didn't react, slowly looking at them turning the next bend. My heart started beating faster. Was I afraid of the bunch of stupid whores, probably coming back drunk from a disco or another fucking party? ... Yes, ... and that destroyed my harmony. It suddenly occured to me that if those were teenage boys I wouldn't be so afraid. And then it flashed my mind they can come back, as it did look like a way to provoke me.
I'm not a person who can be easily frightened; many times I was coming back late at night alone, having no fear of being attacked. Well, maybe that's simply senseless, but the city doesn't frighten me. And now, in the break of the day, I got scared. I got scared beacuse the tone of her voice was so cool and cruel and provoking at the same time. And I reminded myself the statistics showing that girls and women can be far more cruel and dangerous than men.
"Where the hell is that bus?"- it crossed my mind... I got really nervous, all the time looking around- nobody but me. And then the fears became reality- the car appeared once again and turned into my direction. All I could do was to keep my head up high- so I don't look like a helpless victim, and don't catch eye contact- so I don't provoke anyone. The car passed me slowly, I saw them staring at me, but tried to remain cool. Luckily, out of the corner of my eye I saw the bus closing to the bus stop. Those stupid whores must have spotted it also and the car went away. "Ufff" - I thought sitting comfortably in a totally uncomfortable bus seat.
And now something more on cruelty of women. "Girls playing with fish"- I would call it. I took the picture in July.

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Ben Heine said...

Hello Dominika,Waouw!
What a nice Blog, I have the impression to read a great novelist when I read you, I am impatient to discover the next pages...
Loads of kisses