Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Working Your Ass Off

Today I was at the business meeting with a manager of 3 polish branches of a huge international transport and logistics company. We talked over points of our future contract, which hopefully will bring our company nice income. The man was a perfect example of modern yuppie- young, well-earning and overworked businessman with great ambition but no time for himself. As far as I learned travelling between 3 offices spread around Poland takes most of his time. I didn't spot a wedding ring on his finger, so I assumed he's a bachelor.
We talked more than an hour and not even a faked smile appeared on his face. He seemed very strict, demanding and rational- all a good manager should be. While talking he looked straight into our eyes, listened carefully to our every word, as we have presented him facts and information he had no idea about, but somehow sometimes I felt he simply looked down on us. I got to know he has started his work there not long ago and was not liked by his coworkers, who feel he plays smart and is unkind for people around. Well, he indeed makes such an impression. And it made me wonder, whether he enjoys his work and finds it comfortable.
The job, which usually takes most of each adult's life, should give not only money, but also a pleasure and fulfilment of one's ambition and goals. I am lucky to do what I like- my job is creative, many things depend on my decisions, and although sometimes it is very stressful, it also gives a great deal of satisfaction and good money. But many of my friends, though bright and educated, can't find such job. Their work, as they constantly grizzle, is boring and gives no satisfaction. I don't know if it is because of their approach, which from the start constitutes resentment, or the wrong choosing of the kind of profession they are in.
Nevertheless, finding a job which makes You feel good, seems to be a hard work to do.


Ben Heine said...

Fortunately, we live old nowadays and we have time to do several jobs in one life... But we always feel torn apart. Kisses

gregrandgar said...

Thinking that money is what makes you feel good, seems to be a hard work to do. Calling how you make your money "work" is the first hint that it is effort against resistance. It is possible to find what you would do naturally and have it sustain your life while you learn to stop resisting going with the effortless flow. Work is for Sisyphus.