Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Dust in the Wind

When creating that blog I promised myself not to do it political. Not that I am not interested what's going on in our world, but because it is to be my peaceful asylum, searching for the balance in my life, which I started to loose.
The reason I'm breaking my rule is a heated debate about Lebanon- Israel conflict I spotted on . I happen to have studied law and while my studies and preparation to my master degree, I traced ongoing military conflicts, it's consequences for civilian, economy and global relations. As I have noticed war is a great business- started for political, fundamentalist or any other reasons, it finally makes someone rich and the others starving. No matter how noble or justified the reasons are they fade away with the war-dust and all is left are loosers! People being slaughtered, women and children raped and displaced, druged kids killing with machine guns, people sold into slavery ( oh no, slavery didn't end with abolition!!!), used for prostitution... And I can count many more horrors which people create for other human beings. And we call ourselves wiser than animals... One of polish writers once wrote that the last war between people will be the fighting with stones. Unfortunately I must agree- every conflict, regardless human technological progress, makes us turn back to our beginning. And that's a very sad conlusion for today!

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Ben Heine said...

Dear Nika, hi.
Thanks for commenting on your Blog this very "difficult" issue. Actually, your comments are really wise and it's really enriching reading them. Thanks for correcting my terrible Polish on David Baldinger's Bolg... I feel stupid, I should have asked Marta to have a look, before sending it David. I still have to learn a lot the dreadful declination... Anyway, thank you! I hope you have a good day today, I know the friday are soft days for you, aren't they? Kisses.