Friday, September 01, 2006

A School Day

A sudden blast of the north, september wind hit me when I was stepping out from my house today's morning. It made me shiver all over my body and weaved the smell of the autumn into my hair. "So it comes..."- a gloomy thought crossed my mind.
How powerful are habits, dreams and memories (both good and bad) of our childhood... The 1st of September is a first day of a schoolyear. From the beginning of my educational "career" it always announced the end of the summer and holiday freedom, and the beginning of school routine, exams, shorter and colder days drowned in the constantly pouring rain. Although I have already finished my education (for now at least), that day will always be the same for me. And though, believe it or not, I woke up with no awareness of the 1st September, the frigid gust of that harsh wind quickly reminded me of that mournful day.

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Ben Heine said...

The 1st of September has become a real symbol...It represents a lot.
But holidays are so much better ;)