Monday, September 25, 2006


The September Sun, which successfully imitates summer, makes me feel over the Moon. The positive vibes explode, lots of good tunes all around, I take it easy on me. The notes are getting back to me- still searching, but they are closer than ever.
Life is delightful!


Ben Heine said...

Hi Nika, I like coming here and read your short but very profound texts. Each time I read you, it's a breath of fresh air!
I hope you and Leszek are well.
Have you seen the wedding movie? Not yet?

Nika said...

Thanks Ben for your comments- it's really nice to hear such nice opinions- they make me feel good!
I visit Your blog each day and I have to start to comment more, as it's really great to know people care, are interested with what You write and feel. What about our caricatures? Do You need any pictures of us, or maybe those from the wedding will do?

Unfortunately we didn't have a chance to watch the wedding movie yet- I certainly have to ask Zbyszek to send it to us! Oh, the time is flying- look it's almost October, and it's almost 3 months from the wedding day...

Ben Heine said...

Hello again!
Yes time does "fly"...

I don't forget your caricature/portrait at all!
It would be nice if you could send me a few pictures of you two...
The ones at the Wedding are nice, but there are too much shadow on your lovely faces. :)

You are so kind to visit my Blog everyday, wow! (I hope you'll leave some very short comment some time. :)) I visit yours very frequently too. I noticed that your traffic is increasing, but with such nice texts, you deserve much more audience. I'm sure it will come. Blogs are incredible tools. I have the impression that they became modern mobile phone, or even modern Tamagoshi... You know what I mean? Feeding them, and getting addicted to them...

How are you doing with your job? And what about your band???!

Big hello to Leszek.