Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Connection with the World

I love that overwhelming moments when it suddenly occurs to me that the world is so beautiful! All of a sudden its beauty strucks me like a thunder. For a few minutes in amazement I'm contemplating the wonders of nature- every tree and flower astonishes me with its fragile perfection, the colour of the sky fills my pupils with the spectrum of blue and clouds seem to shape in every single thing my vivid imagination can dream of. Everything seems to fit to each another. The feeling of an infinite connection with the world around calms my anxiousness. That soothing emotion overcomes me and for a moment I feel a profound sense of inner peace. Oh how I yearn for that feeling to last forever... But it disappears and leaves the longin, which makes me constantly look for that found and lost peace.

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Ben Heine said...

Hello Nika,
You describe this beautiful "inner peace". You feel it as a great pleasure, it seems. I think such pleasures are so important because they are short and scarce, no?
Huge kiss