Wednesday, September 06, 2006


The Memory of what should be forgotten,
as it existed just for a sleepless night
to fade away with the naked sunrise,
still lingers somewhere deep within
Though crashed with realm of impossibility
sometimes wakes up in the september sun
in torment leaves the stable heart of mine.


Ben Heine said...

Thanks for this beautiful sentences. If you like poetry, I advice you to visit this page :
You know what? We just visited Anna and Zbyszek, we saw the DVD of their marriage. It was really like a movie, lovely. We saw/eard you singing! Very nice. I could finally enjoy your voice, as I was a bit drunk at that time. Now I remember what I was doing after 3...dancing like a monkey...
You take care and stay in touch. Kisses. B.

Nika said...

Thanks for Your warm words about that scrap of my thoughts- I don't dare to call it a poem, but sometimes the feelings that troble my mind are trying to fit "poetic" frames.

I can't wait to see that dvd- I was also dancing like crazy- but if I'm having fun I do it like there was no tomorrow. :)

Kisses, Nika