Monday, September 04, 2006

A Fighter

I happen to be a really curious person. Although my curiosity sometimes causes me trouble, it also gives a chance to learn, meet and experience many interesting things and people.
Have You ever spoken with an accomplished boxer- a guy with a broken nose, scary look in his eyes and broad shoulders proving hours of trainings and fights? Having in mind only stereotypes of such people, I was eager to meet one. And I had a luck to meet few of them at one time two days ago. I couldn't let go a chance to speak with one of them.
"My" boxer, who has already had 213 fights and is a multiple champion, turned out to be a very intelligent and educated person (beside fighting is now doing a master degree in international relations) so it was a nice and interesting talk we had. Of course I asked him thousands of questions to learn about all matters which were intriguing me while I was watching boxing fights. Does it hurt? What gives him the strive to step on the boxing ring? How does he mentally prepares for the fight? I learned that many times he is fighting not only with other boxers, but also with stereotypes, including those, that boxers are generally stupid and agressive people. Of course exeptions always prove the rule, but in fact they learn to be more self-aware and self-disciplined than any of us, as the strenght and skills they have can be disastrous if used not on the boxing ring. I got to know many details on boxing history and how it changed through the years, learned about contusions boxer suffer from and many other engrossing facts about that sport. It turned out it takes a real deal of hard work, both physical and psychological, to be a good boxer. And as we met at the wedding, from my own observation I may add that some boxers are really talented dancers. :)


bordo said...

time will do it's job and if he train for many years his brain will become a sponge. one of symptoms - dificulty in speaking fluently.

Nika said...

Welcome M. here on my blog- sarcastic as always!