Monday, December 04, 2006

Afternoon Stroll

Location: A post office
Time: Monday afternoon
Me: Amazed

Almost every day after 2 p.m. I take a short stroll. Loaded with envelopes prepared to be send, I walk with no hurry to the nearby post office. It's a time of leisure during the work day. I take my time watching the world around me. Many ideas come to me during that time, when my mind for a moment stops that intense rush and my inner batteries recharge. Step by step, breath by breath I get into my own space.
Each time I visit the post- office one of the ladies working there constantly amazes me. She's very short (even smaller that me and I certainly ain't a giant), slim and totally into her work. It's incredible to see her stamping the envelopes, sticking the stickers, signing milions of papers. The rush and the energy she puts into it could be split for two people. She reminds me a bee- always in a hurry, or a coliber that moves his wings with an amazing speed. Unlike other workers she is not sitting on the chair as her legs can't touch the ground then. It's funny to see her moving out and about. She is very optimistic and kind, never refuses her help and seems to be the busiest person in the whole office.
You know, sometimes one stranger can cheer You up- and that's the gift. That lady is surely gifted.


bordo said...

so where is that post office exactly? :P

Nika said...

Kombatantów Street :)