Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Global Warming

Unusually warm December- sometimes feeling like the early spring. And I really don't mind. But isn't it an effect of the global warming? Well, as to my impressions, they can be totally subjective, but the facts don't lie. I choose not to believe yet that the world is changing, but unfortunately devastation people do to nature alters the climat. But wouldn't it be great if the term "global warming" meant someting totally different? If it was a warming in people relations?
"Good Afternoon. Here we come with our today's news. Unbelievable changes are being observed all over the world. Last week not even one case of a homicide was noted. Usually deadly African borders give no signs of fights. Are the tribes getting into understanding? Hopefully they do. That amazing change of attitude seems to resonate not only throughout the whole african continent, but also South America and Middle East. The peace talks between Palestine and Israel finally came to reality. And true democracy and peace are knocking to Iraq's shattered door. Is it only a moment or do we have serious grounds to think about permanent changes? Nonetheless that unusual situation cheers everybody. But many skeptics also raise a question: Isn't it against human nature? The nature to fight, to go forward and expand, to compete? Aren't we loosing it?"

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