Friday, December 22, 2006

To Sum Up

The end of year means summing up Your achivements and setting goals for this comming 12 months. I'm quite far from looking further than one month. My plans simply become too fictional than. But definately I like to count the good things that happened to me, the hurdles I managed to overcome, the knowledge I gained. So here I go:
1. The relationship- the seventh year which was a kind of breakthrough for me- cherishing, understanding, discovering, appreciation.
2. The family- so close and loving, but we lacked time for each other- the thing to change next year
3. The music- a step forward, the set up of the new band, new inspirations!
4. The work- that fits me, which I enjoy, the company I feel a part of.
5. Friends- always the quality time, the people to count on.
6. Many pursues for truth, the year of doubts and spiritual searching but the peace is now in my heart. I'm conciously building my life philosophy.
Generally, this year made me realise many grave matters and made me wiser a bit, that's for sure!

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