Friday, December 22, 2006

My Dear Friends

Oh, what an evening! I met few of my friends, with whom I didn't have contact for few years. They are all from my "singing world". We used to be together for couple of years in the singing school, learning voice release, solfege, taking part in singing contests, musical workshops during holidays, giving multiple performances. The bunch of people with the same passion, the same sense of humour. Some of us started acting studies, some went to professional jazz schools, some turned into totally different direction leaving the singing adventure behind them. But for all of us those years spent together will always be a great memory.
We were all invited to the anniversary concert of the students of our "old" singing school. So many talented people, we were amazed. Especially one of them, of which we'll surely hear in the future. The concert of sentimental memories, meeting teachers we haven't seen for so long and of course friends. We promised each other to meet often from now on and I hope we'll all find time for it.
I say that is the best Christmas present I could get!
Lova ya all!

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