Thursday, May 10, 2007

Chilling out.

Few free days I lately had were entirely devoted to myself and friends. There's nothing better than a party with bunch of good, interesting, positivly- oriented friends! Great talks, great laughs and a long-lasting good-power recharging. And when you finally recover from the hangover (I've been experimenting lately and I stick with martini for now), there's nothing more pleasurable then the day in bed with the engrossing book and a cup of green tea, especially when after redecorating, my bedroom is amazingly welcoming and cozy.
I watched a biopic about Pablo Picasso's life and art. What an amazingly prolific and influential artist he was. And his complicated love life- his wifes and lovers- the constant infatuation made him more creative. Women were his Muses, but he treated them in a very cruel and selfish manner. Drained their love and devotion till the last drop to leave them, when the vessel was empty, and so useless for his creative development. The man of the astonishing vitality and apetite for life. The man of the great Talent.


Graeme said...

sound fun indeed. I have no cure for a hangover other than getting drunk again. And that isn't always a good thing.

Nika said...

Hehehe. In my case getting drunk again would be disastrous as my hangover usually ends with stomach sensations (not nice, really not). And of course I never learn on my mistakes :)