Thursday, May 17, 2007

Eye Pleasure


The Stroll, Camille Monet and Her Son Jean
(Woman with a Parasol) 1875
I continue my quest through world's greatest painters. I try to write about them on my second blog- Painter's Minds , but my greatest pain is the lack of free time. Surely I'll also have to look through Monet's fantastic works. His paintings seem to be alive- their vivid colours and brush handling give make them so dynamic. I chose that painting above for it's spring freshness. Look at the sky- the clouds seem to be moving. Wonderful.
Inspired by the biopic about Picasso, I already got his biography and the book written by his lover Francoise Gillot of the their years spent together. As soon as I finish Hermann Hesse's "The Glass Bead Game" I'll indulge in Picasso fascinating life.
It would be great once to have a possibility to devote my entire time for things fascinating me. Just like Joseph Knecht in Hesse's world of Castalia. Although I tend to be fickle and many times I give up on my hobbies for some time, fortunately I come back to them with twice the passion I used to have. And soon I'll have my own new notebook, which means new possibilities for working at home. I hope then I'll have more time for updating my painter's quest.


bordo said...

if You have tvn style, check "biografie".
i'v seen Kahlo and Picasso. Really worth watching.

This sunday at 21.30 there will be Dali.

Nika said...

Thanks Bordo for the tip, but I already discovered that programm and the Biography also! It was that biopic that interested me in Picasso.