Monday, May 28, 2007

Crazy Summer

The most crazy time of the year began for me- almost each weekend over-night singing jobs, many rehersals- earning money to satisfy pleasures. It will be an exhausting season, yet also rewarding, as our hard work brings results.
But two amazing, though short, holiday trips await for me. Two weeks of sheer relax and selfishness- one by the see, another by the lake. Wonderful! I'm already anxiously waiting for it, carefully planning details to see as much as I can. My great dream is to next year visit Egypt or Kenya, though as I see, Egypt is for now more financially available.
Yeah, sweet, sweet dreaming. What would life be without it? Aren't dreams and fullfilling Your ambitions the whole our time here for? Each time I have doubts about doing something or I feel tired of work, I remind myself this simple truth- I'm not going to live forever, so I must do everything to make myself feel good, but with keeping myself fair towards the others. So I'm indulging in small pleasures, in my lovely habits, in my peacefull meditations of moments to feel connected to the universe around me and to find balance within myself. Sometimes I lose it, I feel like drowning into the dark abyss, but somehow I always come back to the surface. Now I'm floating on it, deeply catching breath, enjoying my days.
Wishing You the same.

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