Sunday, May 20, 2007

Coming back

I just came back from the other world. The world I very randomly visit- and this time in a rather business matter. It was a disco! I was hired to sing few songs there. Oh my! Am I too old or from the other age? Or maybe I'm an old conservative bitch? Or maybe I'm generally too old for that kind of spending time or, to make it precise, for spending time with such people? Those girls, those guys, the amount of alcohol they pour into their young bodies, their behaviour, their priorities, their disrespect for bodies and souls. It was apalling. Beautiful young girls with tones of make-up on their faces, letting themselves touch for much older guys looking for a bit of fun without consequences, and doing it for a drink, a bottle of beer, few meaningless sweet lies, some kind of false appreciation. Am I that old-fashioned or is this world really going to a disaster?

1 comment:

Graeme said...

I think some people are just idiots, regardless of age. I get what you are saying though :)