Saturday, May 19, 2007


Yeah, having fun with friends is terrific, but mixing beer with vodka is a disaster. Truly, I hate waking up after the night in pub or elsewhere with alcohol in the bar, especially, when I recklessly made an appointment with someone for the next morning. Having shower with the constant feeling sick is great. I already ate a sandwich and didn't throw up, so that means everything is getting normal. But no matter what, Hangover Saturdays aren't my best.
This is my first post written in bed- well the pleasures of having notebook. Generally bed means only nice things and as I'm loving my new bedroom, this is by far my best place in the flat. It's very sunny today and if You could see that beautiful green trees lurking to my bedroom windows. And those persistent birds- singing loudly all morning.
Yeah, it's definately going to be a nice day.

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